Time to Cool Off


Relief from summer’s heat


Cooling off the big boys

Summer’s arrived and we’re still waiting for the monsoons to provide relief from the heat. While shearing certainly helps, the alpacas don’t mind having their legs and bellies sprayed with nice cool water. In fact the first few times we spray them each summer, they all rush to be first in line, creating a challenge for whomever is manning the water hose. After a few days, they get used to it and it’s easier for all concerned–albeit still a little muddy.

During the heat of the day, it’s important to provide shade to allow the alpacas to escape the hot sun, especially at our altitude.¬†Our alpacas mostly stay under the shed roofs outside the main barn where there is plenty of shade in the summer, though some like it inside where we have fans going in all stalls from early morning until evening. Even on the hottest days, some alpacas will spend time outside sunbathing or rolling in the dry, dusty soil in the paddocks.