I regret to inform you that Hollywick is closing. I simply cannot replace the knowledge and skills lost with Kathy’s passing over two and a half years ago. I am trying my best to find new homes for the remaining alpacas.    

Fall 2023 updates

Summer’s arrived and we’re still waiting for the monsoons to provide relief from the heat. While shearing certainly helps, the alpacas don’t mind having their legs and bellies sprayed with nice cool water. In fact the first few times we spray them each summer, they all rush to be first […]

Time to Cool Off

Last week was shearing week. We’ve always said that shearing is the most traumatic thing we do on the farm, both for owners and alpacas. Preparation for shearing at Hollywick Farms began several weeks earlier as we started the annual barn cleaning to make room for shearing. As the date […]

Shearing 2016

Welcome to our new Hollywick Farms website! It’s spring in New Mexico and a time of renewal. The weather is constantly changing. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s calm, it’s windy from one minute to the next. The alpacas are in nearly full fleece, so they are not ready for the hot (mid-70’s) […]

Welcome to Our New Website